About The Webinar

As an importer of licensed merchandise, it can often be difficult to determine whether, and under what circumstances, your company's royalty or licensing fee payments are considered dutiable as additions to the "price paid or payable" for imported merchandise. This one-hour webinar will provide an overview of the basics of royalties and licensing fees in order to help you better understand the potential duty implications of such payments. 

Key Topics

  • What are royalty and licensing fees?
  • When are these fees considered additions to the price paid or payable?
  • What factors does U.S. Customs consider in determining the dutiability of these fees?
  • Are there ways to lawfully structure your royalty and licensing agreements to avoid paying unnecessary customs duties?

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Mark J. Segrist


MARK J. SEGRIST is a member of Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg, P.A. His practice is focused primarily on import and export trade law and assisting clients in acquiring duty-saving benefits under the First Sale Rule and other customs declared value-related initiatives. With regard to imports, Mr. Segrist’s practice focuses primarily on providing strategic advice and counsel to a wide range of multinational clients on international trade and customs law matters. He also has extensive experience assisting clients in properly structuring multi-tiered transactions to maximize lawful duty savings under the First Sale Rule.



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