About The Webinar

At its annual CTPAT conference, U.S. Customs and Border Protection addressed how CTPAT members now must implement its revisions to the minimum security criteria (MSC) throughout their supply chain security programs. This webinar will address the MSC changes and provide suggestions for seamless implementation.

Key Topics

  • corporate security: security vision and responsibility, risk assessment, business partner security, and cybersecurity
  • transportation security: conveyance and instruments of international traffic, seal security, procedural and agricultural security
  • people and physical security: physical security, physical access controls, personnel security, education, training and awareness
  • new best practices framework for CTPAT benefits
  • validation preparation for old, strengthened, and new criteria
  • corporate implementation and execution

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Lenny P. Feldman


Lenny Feldman concentrates his practice in complex issues pertaining to import and export compliance, penalty mitigation, supply chain security (including CTPAT), intellectual property, and other programs. He is recognized as a leading authority on CTPAT, served on the CTPAT MSC working group of CBP’s Commercial Customs Operations Advisory Committee, and has counseled hundreds of companies through the certification, validation, and revalidation processes.



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