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NAFTA rules significantly diminish the benefits provided by duty deferral programs and drawback regulations for a large category of goods exported to Mexico or Canada.  For shipments from a foreign-trade zone or bonded warehouse, or shipments made pursuant to a temporary import bond, the NAFTA rules often lead to an additional duty payment in the United States that would not apply to identical shipments made outside of the NAFTA territory.  The rules also often lower the amount of drawback available on goods exported from the U.S. to Mexico or Canada.

In addition to unforeseen duty consequences, failure to properly comply with the NAFTA duty deferral and drawback rules may result in substantial administrative penalties and/or liquidated damages (e.g., for failure to timely or properly file the duty deferral entry).

This 60-minute webinar will help importers and brokers properly apply the NAFTA rules, understand the rationale behind their often harsh consequences, and recognize the potential for future changes.

Key Topics

  • detailed rule review
  • impacts/examples of rule application
  • rationale behind the rules
  • constitutionality of the rules
  • applicability under other free trade agreements
  • potential future actions that might limit the negative effect of the rules


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Larry T. Ordet


LARRY T. ORDET is a member of Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg, P.A., resident in the Miami office, and serves on the Firm’s Operating Committee. Mr. Ordet concentrates his practice on general customs compliance matters, with particular emphasis on tariff classification, country of origin, valuation, preference program and free trae agreement qualification, and penalty issues. He has worked extensively on WCO tariff classification issues involving the modification of the Harmonized System and related Explanatory Notes.



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