About The Webinar

Many importers do not purchase foreign goods directly from the factory but from or through another person or entity generically referred to as an "agent." What that "agent's" actual legal status is has important customs consequences and can determine whether the importer is over- or underpaying duty. This 60 minute webinar will help importers understand the issues that can arise when utilizing an agent.

Key Topics

  • how to identify whether an entity is an agent, middleman or something else
  • the difference between a buying and a selling agent
  • what a buying agent can and cannot do
  • the relevance of written buying agency agreements
  • the role of buying agents in first sale transactions
  • what to do if you've done it wrong all this time


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Beth C. Ring

Senior Member

Beth Ring, Esq. is a Senior Member of Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg, P.A. Ms. Ring has more than 45 years of experience covering the broad range of customs and trade issues for clients across diverse industries. She has extensive experience in representing importers regarding classification, valuation, transaction structuring, duty preference programs, trade remedy laws, and trade policy issues. She also leads the firm’s Consumer Product Safety practice.



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