About The Webinar

More than ever, U.S. Customs and Border Protection is relying on its partnerships with the trade community to facilitate lawful commerce while focusing on transactions that pose the greatest security and compliance risks. As 2022 begins, importers, customs brokers, and service providers need to take a fresh look at compliance to ensure their programs and policies address the changing landscape. This webinar will provide a practical compliance checklist to guide your company throughout the year.

Key Topics

  • Free trade agreements - yearly renewal and certificates of origin
  • Preference programs - yearly requalification of goods
  • Chapter 98 programs – re-evaluating eligibility
  • HTSUS classification – updating HTS/ECCN codes to comply with 2022 HTS updates
  • Trade remedies – Section 232 and 301 tariff compliance and management
  • ACE – enrolling and using data strategically
  • Declarations & waivers – country of origin marking renewals, Chapter 98 claims, etc.)
  • Valuation – applying variance results to costs for upcoming year (related parties, computed value, reconciliation)
  • Internal controls and strategy – risks for compliance gaps and opportunity analysis for duty savings


Juan Moreno

Director, Trade Compliance

JUAN MORENO is Director, Trade Compliance, for Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg, P.A., and is based in the San Diego area. He advises importers, exporters, trade associations, and multinational corporations in the U.S. and Mexico on a wide variety of regulatory and international trade subjects, including import and customs procedures, tariff and quota treatment, tariff classification, rules of origin, licensing requirements, and preferential tariff treatment under various free trade agreements and trade preference programs.



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