On October 8, 2020, USTR initiated Section 301 investigations into Vietnam's acts, policies and practices related to (1) the importation and use of illegal timber and (2) currency valuation. These investigations could result in tariffs, quotas, or other restrictions on imports from Vietnam if consultations do not yield a successful resolution.

Importers of wood products from Vietnam in particular could be affected by any such restrictions. These and other importers now have until Nov. 12 to submit comments on the issues being examined in these investigations.

For assistance preparing and submitting comments, or additional information on the potential impact of these investigations, please contact Nicole Bivens Collinson or Kristen Smith.

Official Documents

Dates & Deadlines

Item Date
USTR initiates the currency and timber investigations October 8, 2020
Deadline for submitting written comments on the currency investigation November 12, 2020
Deadline for submitting written comments on the timber investigation November 12, 2020



Please email with questions. 


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