Hearing on Trade Policies Affecting Produce

The Office of the U.S. Trade Representative will hold virtual public hearings Aug. 13 and 20 to hear from interested persons on trade-distorting policies that may be causing harm to U.S. seasonal and perishable producers of fruits and vegetables and contributing to unfair pricing in the U.S. market. Requests to provide testimony during these hearings are due by July 27 and hearing statements and written comments are due by Aug. 3.

Sugar Tariff-Rate Quota Allocations for FY 2021 Announced

USTR has announced the country-specific in-quota allocations under the fiscal year 2021 tariff-rate quotas for imported raw cane sugar, refined sugar, specialty sugar, and sugar-containing products.

Raw Cane Sugar. The in-quota quantity of the TRQ for raw cane sugar will be 1,117,195 metric tons raw value, the minimum amount to which the U.S. is committed under the World Trade Organization Uruguay Round agreements and the same as in FY 2020, which is being allocated as follows (in MTRV).

Argentina 45,281

Australia 87,402

Barbados 7,371

Belize 11,584

Bolivia 8,424

Brazil 152,691

Colombia 25,273

Congo 7,258

Costa Rica 15,796

Cote d’Ivoire 7,258

Dominican Republic 185,335

Ecuador 11,584

El Salvador 27,379

Fiji 9,477

Gabon 7,258

Guatemala 50,546

Guyana 12,636

Haiti 7,258

Honduras 10,530

India 8,424

Jamaica 11,584

Madagascar 7,258

Malawi 10,530

Mauritius 12,636

Mexico 7,258

Mozambique 13,690

Nicaragua 22,114

Panama 30,538

Papua New Guinea 7,258

Paraguay 7,258

Peru 43,175

Philippines 142,160

South Africa 24,220

St. Kitts & Nevis 7,258

Swaziland 16,849

Taiwan 12,636

Thailand 14,743

Trinidad & Tobago 7,371

Uruguay 7,258

Zimbabwe 12,636

Allocations to countries that are net importers of sugar are conditioned on receipt of the appropriate verifications of origin. Certificates for quota eligibility must accompany imports from any country to which an allocation is provided.

Refined Sugar. The FY 2021 refined sugar TRQ is 162,000 MTRV. USTR is allocating a total of 10,300 MTRV to Canada and 2,954 MTRV to Mexico, with 7,090 MTRV to be administered on a first-come, first-served basis.

Specialty Sugar. Imports of all specialty sugar will be administered on a first come, first served basis in five tranches. The total in-quota quantity of specialty sugar will be the 1,656 MTRV included in the WTO minimum plus an additional 140,000 MTRV. The first tranche of 1,656 MTRV will open Oct. 1, and all types of specialty sugars will be eligible for entry under this tranche. The second and third tranches of 40,000 MTRV each will open Oct. 8 and Jan. 21, respectively. The fourth and fifth tranches of 30,000 MTRV each will open April 15 and July 15 respectively. The second through fifth tranches will be reserved for organic sugar and other specialty sugars not currently produced commercially in the U.S. or reasonably available from domestic sources.

Sugar-Containing Products. With respect to the 64,709 MTRV in-quota quantity of the TRQ for certain sugar-containing products, USTR is allocating 59,250 MTRV to Canada and the remainder is available for other countries on a first come, first served basis.

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