The Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service is inviting comments July 25 on the proposed extension of information collections associated with the importation of the following.

- gypsy moth host materials from Canada: APHIS collects information from individuals both within and outside the U.S. using phytosanitary certificates, certificates of origin, a written statement, a compliance agreement, and an emergency action notice

- clementines from Spain: trapping and control records, phytosanitary certificate, labeling and traceback, cold treatment data for consignments, trust fund agreement, grower registration and agreement, management program, Medfly monitoring, cold treatment facility/carrier certification, workplan, advance reservations for cold treatment port space; and emergency action notification

- longan from Taiwan: phytosanitary certificate, inspection by national plant protection organization in Taiwan, stamping of boxes, and emergency action notification

- fresh pitaya fruit from Central America: production site certification, production site registration, registration of packinghouses, packinghouse inspections and investigations, bilateral workplans, records of fruit fly detections, shipping documents identifying places of production, phytosanitary certificates with additional declarations, box markings, production site training program, emergency action notifications, and notices of arrival


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