Bananas. The Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service is accepting comments through March 15 on the information collections associated with imports of fresh bananas from the Philippines, which include bilateral workplans, production site registration, monitoring and oversight, maintaining all forms and documents that include fruit fly detections and updating records, carton marking with production site number, hard green stage harvest certification, investigations, fruit fly trapping for low pest prevalence, shipping documents, and phytosanitary certificates with an additional declaration.

Noxious Weeds. APHIS is accepting comments through April 14 on the proposed reinstatement of information collections associated with the federal plant pest and noxious weeds regulations, which include applications for permits to import regulated articles (e.g., plant pests, noxious weeds, or soil) or to move regulated articles interstate, labels, compliance agreements, and appeal, denial, and cancellation of permits. APHIS states that these collections allow it to evaluate the risks associated with the importation or interstate movement of plant pests, noxious weeds, and soil and also assists with developing any necessary risk mitigations for such imports or interstate movements.


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