The Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Marketing Service is requesting comments no later than Aug. 15 on the proposed extension of an information collection concerning exports of apples and grapes. Fresh apples and grapes grown in the U.S. and shipped to foreign destinations (other than grapes shipped to Canada or Mexico and apples in bulk bins shipped to Canada) must meet minimum quality and other requirements, and USDA inspects each such shipment and uses the export form certificate (FV-207) to certify inspection of shipments bound for non-Canadian destinations. This certificate is issued to the shipper, which provides it to the carrier, which is required to maintain it for at least three years. AMS intends to expand the scope of the FV-207 to include inspection certificates for export shipments bound for Canadian destinations and to rename it the FV-205.

APHIS is also accepting through Aug. 15 comments on the proposed extension of an information collection associated with regulations on the importation of live swine, pork and pork products, and swine semen from the European Union. These include a certificate for such products, application for import or in-transit permit, and declaration of importation.


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