The Senate approved June 7 the first significant overhaul of the Toxic Substances Control Act since its enactment 40 years ago. The White House has said it strongly supports the measure, which President Obama is expected to sign into law in the near future.

TSCA was created to give the Environmental Protection Agency the authority to require reporting, recordkeeping and testing of chemicals and to restrict the importation, production, use and disposal of substances determined to pose a risk to health or the environment. However, since the law’s enactment the EPA has only been able to effectively require testing of a few hundred of the chemicals in use and has encountered significant barriers in attempting to restrict or ban certain chemicals or uses.

The Frank R. Lautenberg Chemical Safety for the 21st Century Act gives the EPA greater authority to identify chemicals as posing a risk, request additional information or testing, and impose restrictions or outright bans. Click here for more details.

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