The Department of Justice announced May 23 that a Canadian-Iranian dual citizen and resident of Canada has been sentenced to three years in prison for his participation in a conspiracy to violate U.S. sanctions against Iran that targeted numerous U.S. technology companies.

According to a DOJ press release, between approximately 2009 and 2015 this man conspired to obtain high-tech dual-use electronic components from U.S. companies for transshipment to Iran and other countries for clients of his procurement company in Iran. To accomplish this he used his Canadian company to place orders with U.S. suppliers and typically had the parts shipped to him in Canada or a freight forwarder in the United Arab Emirates and then shipped from these locations to Iran or the location of his Iranian company’s client. The man provided the U.S. suppliers with false destination and end-user information about the components to conceal the illegality of these transactions.

Further, the press release states, following his arrest and while incarcerated the man continued to violate U.S. sanctions by conducting business for his companies, including by ordering parts from German and Brazilian companies for Iranian customers. He subsequently directed a relative to delete email evidence of his ongoing business transactions while in jail and emphasized the need for secrecy in their dealings.

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