The State Department has announced plans to conduct a pilot test under which certain import forms and/or data required to determine the admissibility of shrimp and shrimp products will be transmitted through either the Document Image System or the partner government agency message set for processing in the Automated Commercial Environment. Under this test, which will begin no earlier than July 25, PGA message set data may initially be submitted only for formal and informal consumption entries (entry types 01 and 11) filed at certain ports.

The PGA data elements comprising this test are generally those found in the current paper form DS-2031, Shrimp Exporter’s/Importer’s Declaration, which is required to accompany all shipments of shrimp and shrimp products into the U.S.. Examples of the kind of data that will be submitted as part of the PGA message set are the name of the harvesting nation, the method of harvest, the identity of the exporter, importer or ultimate consignee, and the net weight in kilograms. Examples of the types of scanned images that will be submitted to the DIS are DS-2031 forms requiring information about and the signature of a responsible government official of the harvesting nation or economy.


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