The National Marine Fisheries Service and U.S. Customs and Border Protection have announced a plan to test the electronic transmission to the Automated Commercial Environment of forms and/or data required for processing exports and re-exports of tunas, swordfish and toothfish.

The participating government agency data elements comprising this test are generally those found in the paper forms (bluefin tuna catch document, swordfish statistical document, bigeye statistical document, Dissostichus catch document and the associated re-export certificates, if any) currently filed via fax, email and/or paper communications directly with NMFS. Examples include the exporter’s permit number and a document number for the catch certificate or re-export certificate.

In addition, scanned copies of specific documents required will be submitted at the time of filing to the Document Imaging System, either through uploading the file copies to the Automated Export System or by sending them to the DIS as email attachments. Examples of the types of scanned images that will be submitted to the DIS include the international statistical documents pertaining to the harvest, reexport documents for product imported and reexported from another country before shipment to the U.S., or other specific and required catch/harvest documentation pertaining to the product being exported. When an electronic bluefin tuna catch document has been created in the centralized system implemented by the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas, a reduced data set consisting of the eBCD number and the exporter permit number would suffice as an export filing without need for any forms submitted via DIS.

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