The International Trade Commission is expected to soon release the public version of its report on the probable economic effect of waiving the application of the competitive need limitations under the Generalized System of Preferences for the following two products from Thailand.

- HTS 2008.19.15 (coconuts, otherwise prepared or preserved, not elsewhere specified or included)

- HTS 7408.29.10 (copper alloys (other than brass, cupro-nickel or nickel-silver), wire, coated or plated with metal)

A CNL waiver would continue GSP duty benefits for these two products, which otherwise would be removed from GSP eligibility on Oct. 1. The ITC report will examine how a CNL waiver would affect total U.S. imports as well as U.S. consumers.

The Office of the U.S. Trade Representative now states that public comments on the ITC’s report will be due within seven calendar days after it is publicly released.


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