The Bureau of Industry and Security is accepting comments through Nov. 4 to aid in the preparation of a report on supply chains for critical sectors and subsectors of the information and communications technology industrial base. BIS states that for purposes of this report the ICT industrial base will consist of (1) hardware that enables terrestrial distribution, broadcast/wireless transport, satellite support, data storage (to include data center and cloud technologies), end-user devices (including home devices such as routers, antennae, and receivers), and mobile devices, (2) critical software, and (3) services that have direct dependencies on one or more of the enabling hardware.

BIS has listed a number of topics on which it is particularly interested, including the following.

- the critical goods and materials and other essential goods and materials underlying this supply chain

- manufacturing or other capabilities necessary to produce or supply such goods and materials

- prioritization of such goods and materials for the purpose of identifying options and policy recommendations

- defense, intelligence, cyber, homeland security, health, climate, environmental, natural, market, economic, geopolitical, human rights, or forced labor risks, or other contingencies, that may disrupt, strain, compromise, or eliminate the supply chain

- the resilience and capacity of U.S. manufacturing supply chains and the industrial base to support national and economic security, information security, and emergency preparedness

- specific policy recommendations important for ensuring a resilient supply chain (e.g., reshoring, cooperating with allies and partners to identify alternatives, building redundancy into domestic supply chains, strengthening supply chain security, etc.)

- allied and partner actions and possible avenues for international engagement

- executive, legislative, regulatory, and policy changes or other actions to strengthen manufacturing and other capabilities and prevent, avoid, or prepare for any of the identified contingencies

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