U.S. Customs and Border Protection reports that during the week of Nov. 21 the following San Francisco port codes will be deactivated and the trade community will no longer be able to use them on bills of lading or in-bond movements.

- 2813 (Alameda, Calif.)

- 2816 (Sacramento, Calif. – inactive)

- 2870 (DHL Worldwide Express)

- 2871 (Aircargo Handling Service)

- 2872 (TNT Skypak)

- 2873 (IBC Pacific Inc.)

- 2881 (Sacramento UFA)

- 2981 (Kingsley Field – inactive)

- 2982 (Rogue Valley/Medford)

- 2991 (Federal Express Courier)

- 3107 (Valdez, Alaska)

- 3112 (Petersburg, Alaska)

- 3279 (Honolulu Int’l Airport)

- 3332 (Casper, Wyo.)

- 3382 (Centennial Airport)

CBP is conducting a process in which it is identifying port codes associated to facilities that are no longer active and deactivating them one field office at a time.


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