The Consumer Product Safety Commission is accepting comments through June 21 on its proposal to issue a mandatory safety standard for infant inclined sleep products. The proposed standard would incorporate by reference ASTM F3118-17, Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Inclined Sleep Products, with a modification to the definition of “accessory.” If this standard is finalized it will also be a children's product safety rule that requires the issuance of a notice of requirements to explain how laboratories can become accredited as third-party conformity assessment bodies to test products to the new standard.

As defined by ASTM F3118-17 an infant inclined sleep product includes three key components: (1) must be intended for infants up to five months old (three months for certain smaller products) but may be intended for older children (possibly in a different configuration) if its intended use also includes children up to five months; (2) must be primarily intended and marketed to provide sleeping accommodations; and (3) must have at least one inclined sleep surface position greater than 10 degrees but less than or equal to 30 degrees.

The ASTM standard also covers newborn inclined sleep products, compact inclined sleep products, and inclined sleep product accessories. The standard currently limits accessories to rigidly framed products but the CPSC proposes to also include recently-identified soft-sided products that attach to cribs and play yards.


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