Importers have until Dec. 28 to request refunds of duties paid on Generalized System of Preferences-eligible goods that were entered or withdrawn from warehouse for consumption during the GSP lapse period of Aug. 1, 2013, through July 28, 2015. This deadline specifically applies to entry summaries on which the special program indicator “A” was not transmitted.

CBP states that such refund requests may be submitted as letters, post-entry amendments, post-summary corrections or protests or using other written media. Requests should include the entry number, the line number, the HTS number, the estimated total refund, and the point of contact phone number and email address. CBP may reject a duty refund request if sufficient line-level data is not provided, and any request received after Dec. 28 (except resubmissions of a previously submitted request) will be denied. 


CBP notes that this process constitutes phase 3 of its GSP duty refund process and that the first two phases have largely been completed. Phase 1, the automated processing of entry summaries with SPI “A” that were submitted during the lapse period, was completed Sept. 28 with CBP headquarters successfully processing 98 percent of such entry summaries. Most ports have also completed phase 2, the manual processing of the remaining two percent of entry summaries with SPI “A” that could not be scripted, though some have requested extensions. Those ports that have completed phase 2 have begun phase 3 processing of importer- and broker-initiated requests.

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