U.S. Customs and Border Protection is inviting comments on the proposed extension without change of the following information collections.

CBP Form 19, Protest. This form is filed to seek the review of a protest decision by a CBP officer who was directly involved in the underlying decision. This form can also be used to request further review by a CBP officer not involved in the protested decision. Matters eligible for such review include the appraised value of merchandise, the classification and rate and amount of duties chargeable, all charges within the jurisdiction of the Department of Homeland Security, the exclusion of merchandise from entry or delivery or demand for redelivery, the liquidation or reliquidation of an entry, and the refusal to pay a claim for drawback.

Those who may file a protest or application for further review include the importer or consignee shown on the entry papers or their sureties, any person paying any charge or exaction, any person seeking entry or delivery or upon whom a demand for redelivery has been made, any person filing a drawback claim, or any authorized agent of any of these persons.

CBP Form 19 collects the name and address of the protesting party, information about the entry being protested, detailed reasons for the protest, and justification for applying for further review.

CBP Form 6043, Delivery Ticket. This form is used to document transfers of imported merchandise between parties and collects information such as the name and address of the consignee, the name of the importing carrier, lien information, where the goods originated and where they were delivered, and information about the imported merchandise. This form is filled out by warehouse proprietors, carriers, foreign-trade zone operators and others involved in transfers of imported merchandise.

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