The Office of the U.S. Trade Representative and the Department of Commerce are inviting comments through July 31 that will be considered as part of the comprehensive performance reviews they are conducting of U.S. trade agreements. These reviews will help guide U.S. trade policy and trade negotiations and could lead to the renegotiation or termination of existing agreements or rules.

Comments should relate to the performance of (1) individual free trade agreements and bilateral investment treaties to which the U.S. is a party, (2) the World Trade Organization agreements with regard to trade relations with those countries with which the U.S. does not have an FTA but does run significant goods trade deficits (i.e., China, the European Union, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam), and (3) U.S. trade preference programs.

Specific topics may include the following.

- violations or abuses of these agreements, treaties, or programs, or unfair treatment by trade and investment partners, that have harmed U.S. workers, manufacturers, farmers, or ranchers; harmed intellectual property rights held by U.S. companies and U.S. persons; reduced the rate of innovation in the U.S.; or impaired research and development from occurring in the U.S.

- the extent to which these agreements, treaties, or programs have not met predictions with regard to new jobs created, favorable effects on the trade balance, expanded market access, lowered trade barriers, or increased U.S. exports

- benefits or opportunities created as part of these agreements, treaties, or programs with respect to export opportunities for U.S. workers, manufacturers, farmers, or ranchers; lowered trade barriers; promotion of U.S. IPR holders; the rate of innovation in the U.S.; U.S.-based research and development; the protection of rights of U.S. persons investing abroad; and any other relevant information


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