U.S. Customs and Border Protection states that it will deploy liquidation capabilities in the Automated Commercial Environment on Oct. 1, at which time liquidations will no longer be processed in the Automated Commercial System and must be done via ACE. An interim final rule announcing this change will be published prior to Oct. 1.

According to CBP, following are the high-level changes for processing liquidations in ACE.

New Weekly Processing. Starting Oct. 1 liquidations will no longer occur on a two-week cycle but will process weekly. Once an entry summary is liquidated, ACE will automatically populate a liquidation date equal to the next immediate Friday: liquidations processed before 12 pm EST Friday will post as of that day, while those occurring after this time will post the following Friday.

Elimination of Paper Postings. CBP will no longer print the C16 notices for posting to the liquidation bulletin and will replace this process with an entirely electronic bulletin available on that will update every 90 minutes. An ACE account will not be required to access the electronic bulletin. Liquidations will be posted 365 days a year, including holidays.

The electronic bulletin will be searchable by filer or date the event occurred and postings will be kept online for 18 months to allow time to search for a liquidation. After 18 months, a request will need to be made to CBP to view a past liquidation. For entry summaries with liquidation dates in the future, the liquidation reports will no longer display as “liquidated” and will instead display “pending” as the liquidation status.

Extensions and Suspensions. Notifications of extension and suspension will no longer be printed and instead will be posted to the electronic bulletin within 90 minutes. Sureties and filers will continue to receive extension and suspension courtesy notices via ABI but only if they have filed electronically. If necessary, a liquidation may be extended up to three years. Reports will be available for CBP and the trade to view extension and suspension records.

TIB Extensions. Temporary importation under bond extensions requested by the trade will automatically be accepted in ACE but CBP will have the ability to deny an extension as necessary. TIBs may only be extended for up to two years.

Deem Liquidations. Entry summaries that are deem liquidated will display on the electronic bulletin as “deem liquidated” for the basis of liquidation. If no action has been taken to extend or suspend, an entry summary will deem liquidate at 365 days.

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