Effective June 19 the Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service has added 22 taxa of plants for planting that are quarantine pests, and 34 taxa of plants for planting that are hosts of eight quarantine pests, to its lists of taxa of plants for planting whose importation is not authorized pending pest risk analysis. APHIS states that the taxa being added include all those listed in a May 2013 notice except three. In addition, certain plants for planting from Denmark and Canada are being exempted from this listing.

Importers who wish to import any of these plants or plant materials must submit a request per the instructions in 7 CFR 319.5(d). Upon its receipt of a completed request APHIS will initiate the pest risk analysis process. Based on the results of that analysis APHIS will either remove the taxon from the NAPPRA list and allow its importation subject to general requirements, allow importation subject to specific restrictions, or prohibit importation.

In addition, importers who wish to import small quantities of these plants or plant materials for experimental, therapeutic, or developmental purposes may apply for a controlled import permit (also referred to as PPQ Form 588).


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