U.S. Customs and Border Protection has announced a plan to replace current trade data reports with new Automated Commercial Environment reports in conjunction with the next three releases of ACE functionality. These reports will provide new information likely to be of value to the trade community.

Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg will conduct a webinar Oct. 30 to explain the implications of the new reports and how to utilize them. Click here for more information or to register.

On Oct. 7 CBP will make available the following new reports that will enable users to query a more robust set of data elements that have been normalized for both ACS and ACE sourced entry summaries.

- report ES-001, entry summary header details: replaces AM-068 and ESM-7068 reports

- report ES-002, entry summary line details: replaces AM-064 report

- report ES-003, entry summary line tariff details: replaces AM-001, AM-003, AM-007, AM-008, and ESM-7068 reports

- report ES-004, rejected and canceled entry summaries: replaces ESM-7024 report

- report ES-005, late filed entry summaries: does not provide a list of entries filed in ACE cargo release that have been released and are still pending a follow-up 7501 entry summary filing, but rather the entry summaries that were eventually filed but designated as late

- report ES-006: entry summary dimensions by value: replaces AM-009, AM-010, AM-015, and AM-019 reports

These reports will draw on a new entry summary universe (data repository) that will consolidate data found in the legacy account management and ESM-10002 entry summary universes). CBP states that while the new entry summary universe is intended to ultimately replace the others, certain functionality will be unavailable until Feb. 24, 2018. As such, all legacy universes will remain intact until further notice, with the earliest date of discontinuation being 30 days after the February 2018 deployment. Data maintained in these universes will not go stale as originally planned, so ACE report users can continue to save legacy ACE reports or run any saved reports that use the legacy universes to pull data into ACE reports.

CBP is also planning to deploy (a) a new statements universe on Dec. 16, one week after the deployment of statement functionality in ACE, and (b) new reconciliation, drawback, and liquidation universes on March 17, 2018, following the delivery of reconciliation, liquidation, drawback, and ASI functionality in ACE. Detailed information regarding these new universes and any replacement or standard reports will be forthcoming.

CBP notes that it does not currently have plans to develop new ACE reports for foreign-trade zone e214 admissions transactions or importer security filings.

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