The following has been added to the list of products excluded from the Section 301 additional 25 percent tariff on List 3 goods from China.

- motorboats with displacement hulls of reinforced fiberglass and wood, each motorboat measuring not less than 14.47 m and not more than 36.57 m in length and weighing not less than 28 t and not more than 363 t, powered by inboard engines, other than inboard/outdrive (described in HTSUS 8903.92.0065)

In addition, the following previously granted exclusions for List 3 goods have been modified as indicated.

- ratcheting chain, rope or cable [newly added] hoists, other than skip hoists or hoists of a kind used for raising motor vehicles, such hoists not powered by an electric motor (described in statistical reporting number 8425.19.0000)

- parking stops of recycled rubber, each measuring not more than 185 cm in length [previously 123 cm], not more than 15.5 cm in width and not more than 10.5 cm in height, weighing not more than 16 kg (described in HTSUS 4016.99.6050)

- retail computing scales, digital with tactile keypad or VGA display, with a maximum weighing capacity of not less than 10 kg but not more than 15.5 kg, measuring not less than 15 cm in width by 20 cm [previously 21 cm] depth but not more than 41 cm in width by 32 cm [previously 25 cm] in depth (described in HTSUS 8423.81.0030)

- rail air brake hose couplings (“gladhands”) [deleted “each measuring at least 610.1 cm by 10.1 cm by 10.1 cm but not more than 16.6 cm by 7.7 cm by 10.2 cm and weighing at least 0.4 kg but not more than 1.4 kg, conforming to Association of American Railroads specifications S-491, M-601, and RP-5595] (described in HTSUS 7325.99.1000)

- mountings and brackets for railway air brake systems, each measuring at least 15.2 cm by 7.6 cm by 114 cm and not more than 42 cm by 34 cm by 115 cm and weighing at least 4 kg and not more than 22 kg [previously “not more than 25.4 cm by 15.3 cm by 17.8 cm and weighing at least 9 kg and not more than 20.5 kg”], conforming to AAR specifications S-475, M-201, and S-401 (described in HTSUS 8302.49.6045)

These exclusions are retroactive to Sept. 24, 2018, and will remain in place until Aug. 7, 2020. Importers may utilize these exclusions for any product that meets the above descriptions, even if they did not request it.

Importers of covered goods should act now to obtain refunds of any tariffs paid on such goods since Sept. 24, 2018. For more information on this process, or on Section 301 tariffs in general, please contact Nicole Bivens Collinson, Marilyn-Joy Cerny, or Kristen Smith.

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