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Cargo Scanning. The House of Representatives approved Feb. 10 the Securing America’s Ports Act (H.R. 5273, introduced Nov. 26 by Rep. Torres Small, D-N.M.), which would require the Department of Homeland Security to develop a plan to increase to 100 percent the rate of scanning commercial and passenger vehicles entering the U.S. at land border ports of entry using large-scale non-intrusive inspection systems. A press release from Torres Small’s office states that U.S. Customs and Border Protection currently scans 15 percent of commercial trucks entering the U.S. and that NII scanning rates vary significantly by land port of entry.

Exports. S. 3316 (introduced Feb. 13 by Sen. Scott, R-Fla.) would require a license for the reexport to an entity on the Entity List of certain foreign-made items incorporating more than 10 percent (up from 25 percent currently) of controlled U.S.-origin content.

H.R. 5881 (introduced Feb. 12 by Rep. San Nicolas, D-Guam) would establish the Office of Territorial Exporting in the Export-Import Bank of the United States.

Sanctions. The Congressional Oversight of Sanctions Act (H.R. 5879, introduced Feb. 12 by Rep. Omar, D-Minn.) would require a joint resolution of Congress to approve sanctions imposed by the president under the International Emergency Economic Powers act within 60 days of being back in session after sanctions are announced. This bill would also require congressional approval to renew existing sanctions.

Tariffs. The For Accurate Import Relief To Aid Retailers and Importers of Foreign Freights (FAIR TARIFF) Act (H.R. 5911, introduced Feb. 13 by Rep. Pascrell, D-N.J.) would provide a limited duty refund for U.S. imports of goods from the European Union that became subject to higher tariffs as of Oct. 9, 2019, but had been purchased before and were in transit from the EU to the U.S. on that date.

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