Personal Transporters. In patent and trademark infringement investigations 337-TA-1007 and 337-TA-1021 of personal transporters and components thereof, the International Trade Commission has found five respondents in default for failure to respond to the complaints and notices of investigation.

In addition, the ITC has terminated these investigations with respect to all asserted claims of two patents at the request of complainants Segway Inc., DEKA Products Limited Partnership, and Ninebot (Tianjin) Technology Co. Ltd.

Electric Skin Care Devices. In patent infringement investigation 337-TA-959 the ITC has issued (a) a general exclusion order prohibiting the unlicensed importation of electric skin care devices, brushes, or chargers therefor, or kits containing same, that infringe one or more of specified patent claims asserted by complainant Pacific Bioscience Laboratories Inc.; (b) a limited exclusion order prohibiting the unlicensed entry of subject goods violating specified patents or trade dress; and (c) cease and desist orders directed against each domestic and foreign defaulting respondent.

In addition, the ITC has determined that a bond of 100 percent of the entered value is required to permit importation of the subject goods during the 60-day period the president has to review the ITC-ordered remedy.

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