WTO case eyed over China’s forced technology transfers

“Japan, the United States and the European Union are considering jointly filing a case against China at the World Trade Organization over Chinese rules that effectively force foreign companies to transfer technologies to domestic firms.” The three economies “started full-fledged discussions on this issue in January and are preparing to jointly file the case as early as March.”

[The Japan News]

In free trade U-turn, Modi raises India’s import duties

“Less than a month after he declared to the World Economic Forum that India was open for business, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has raised import duties to their highest in three decades. … He has made it more expensive to import parts for automobiles, cameras, televisions, electricity meters and smartphones, risking trade disputes from allies like the U.S. and Germany to rivals like China.”


China imposes antidumping measure amid trade tensions

“China told importers of a U.S. industrial chemical to start posting deposits Tuesday in preparation for possible antidumping duties amid rising trade tension with Washington. A preliminary ruling by the Ministry of Commerce said styrene monomer from the United States, South Korea and Taiwan is being sold at prices 5 to 10.7 percent below the proper level. The chemical is widely used to make packaging and consumer products.”

[New Haven Register]

Solar tariffs get hit with a wave of legal challenges

“Three Canadian solar panel manufacturers launched a lawsuit against the Trump administration at the United States Court of International Trade last week, claiming the new global safeguard measures violate the Trade Act of 1974 and the NAFTA Implementation Act. … The European Union also filed a request for consultations with the World Trade Organization that day, following similar steps taken by China, Taiwan and South Korea. Singapore subsequently filed for consultation at the WTO on February 9.”

[Greentech Media]


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