Program to speed border crossing advances

“After testing the waters for more than a dozen years, authorities are gearing up to put U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers on Canadian soil to clear shipments there, rather than at U.S. ports of entry — and vice versa for Canadian officers. … Officials from both countries will meet this spring to plan regulatory changes needed to introduce more permanent cargo pre-clearance.”

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Russia looks to increase auto exports

“The government wants to double the number of cars exported from Russia by 2019, in part by providing additional benefits and subsidies to global automakers operating in the country. Such benefits include the lifting of value-added taxes and duties on imports of auto parts used in the production of vehicles ultimately destined for export.”

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Vietnam goes to WTO to challenge U.S. restrictions on pangasius fish

“The complaint said pangasius fish was economically significant for Vietnam and was a healthy and affordable source of protein for U.S. consumers, but that the United States was unfairly restricting it without a sufficient scientific basis.”


WTO chief reacts coolly to Trump's criticism of trade judges

“Since last year, the United States has been vetoing the appointment of new judges to the WTO’s Appellate Body, in effect the supreme court of world trade. The lack of judges has slowed down the handling of trade disputes and could halt the appeals process altogether after the next judge retires in September. Trump has said he thinks the United States does not get a fair deal, but trade negotiators from other countries say he has not yet set any conditions for resuming judicial appointments, making it impossible to meet U.S. demands.”


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