EU threatens $23B in tariffs if Trump taxes cars

“‘If the administration issues a report in the next few weeks proposing import duties or quotas on European cars and car parts, we should be clear that we are not interested in any managed trade solution and that we will react if we are hit,’ Demarty told the European Parliament.”

[The Hill]

New report uncovers consequences of trade tariffs imposition

“The report … outlines 10 possible effects of a return to the destructive, broad-based tariff increases of the 1930s that have become a genuine possibility in light of recent tit-for-tat hikes by some leading economies. The consequences, illustrated by way of two case studies, range from an increase in poverty to deteriorating health outcomes.”

[International Chamber of Commerce]

Canada’s food safety import policy unifies compliance steps

“The new Safe Food for Canadians Regulations (SFCR) requires Canadian food businesses to get a license that shows they meet the requirements set out by the U.S. Foreign Supplier Verification program. Canadian importers and exporters must also prove they have a prevention method in place to control and track any potential food safety risk back to the original seller, according to a Jan. 15 statement by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.”


Canada relaxes rules for U.S. romaine imports

“The CFIA established the new import rules for U.S. romaine on Nov. 30, mandating that imports of the lettuce from California be accompanied by a letter showing proof of origin signed by the exporter, stating the city, county and state where the romaine was harvested. Salads containing romaine from any U.S. state required a similar letter. U.S.-grown salad mixes not containing romaine needed a letter stating the absence of the lettuce.”

[The Packer]

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