Blueberries. Effective Oct. 23, the Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service has added Savannah, Ga., as an approved port of arrival through which fresh blueberry consignments from Chile may be imported while meeting phytosanitary safeguards and requirements.

Peanuts. Also effective Oct. 23, APHIS has prohibited the importation of raw peanuts for consumption and purposes other than planting from Argentina and Brazil due to a high infection rate of peanut smut. APHIS already prohibits imports of peanuts for planting from these two countries due to similar concerns.

Under this order, peanuts for purposes other than propagation may only be imported from Argentina and Brazil if (a) they are commercially blanched with shells and red skins completely removed and (b) each consignment is identified on shipping documents as blanched and accompanied by a producer’s or processor’s statement that the above requirement has been met. Processed peanuts are still admissible under current regulations.


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