The Fish and Wildlife Service has issued a final rule listing five shark species as endangered under the Endangered Species Act: the daggernose shark (Isogomphodon oxyrhynchus), Brazilian guitarfish (Rhinobatos horkelii), striped smoothhound shark (Mustelus fasciatus), spiny angelshark (Squatina guggenheim), and Argentina angelshark (Squatina argentina).

This listing prohibits the import and export of these species; the sale and offering for sale of such species in interstate or foreign commerce; the delivery, receipt, carriage, transport, or shipment of such species in interstate or foreign commerce and in the course of a commercial activity; and the take (e.g., hunt, collection, harm) of these species within the U.S., within the U.S. territorial seas, or on the high seas. These prohibitions apply to all persons subject to U.S. jurisdiction.


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