At its most recent session the World Customs Organization’s Harmonized System Committee adopted 21 new classification opinions, 18 sets of amendments to the Explanatory Notes, and 45 classification rulings dealing with the following goods, among others.

- blanched green shell mussels

- quinoa, normally used for human consumption, that has undergone the removal of the saponin layer after harvest

- fish oil from anchovies

- composite meal frozen and put up in a cardboard box

- roasted seaweed

- fresh cheese

- pieces of red and green peppers filled with cheese

- various seasonings and flavorings

- niacin

- silica fume

- cleansing/moisturizing products

- diagnostic kits for detecting viruses

- bone graft substitute

- organic solvent

- plastic smartphone cover

- plastic sandals

- shower enclosures

- shower set

- briquettes used to produce aluminum alloys

- laminar air flow clean bench

- tabletop art easel

- electronic safe

- electric vegetable cutter

- cleaning machines

- electronic interactive whiteboard consisting of a touch-sensitive, dry-erase surface with multi-touch functionality

- insulated gate bipolar transistor module

- books and sound reproducing apparatus

- color monitors

- thin-film solar module

- integrated circuit checking instrument

- toys

- bicycle components

- virtual reality headset

- wireless steel selfie stick

- stand-up paddleboard

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