The International Trade Commission has issued a public version of its confidential report on the likely economic impact of the following possible modifications to the Generalized System of Preferences.


(from all beneficiary developing countries)

- HTSUS 0808.30.40, fresh pears

- HTSUS 0814.00.80, citrus fruit peel

- HTSUS 1207.29.00, cotton seeds other than for sowing

- HTSUS 1512.11.00, sunflower seed or safflower oil

- HTSUS 2008.99.05, apples

- HTSUS 2918.99.05, p-anisic acid; clofibrate and 3-phenoxybenzoic acid

- HTSUS 2918.99.43, aromatic carboxylic acids

- HTSUS 2918.99.47, other aromatic carboxylic acids

- HTSUS 4010.33.30, rubber transmission v-belts


- HTSUS 2009.89.6011 and 2009.89.6019, cherry juice, from Turkey

- HTSUS 3920.51.50, nonadhesive plates, sheets, film, foil, and strip of polymethyl methacrylate, from Indonesia and Thailand

De minimis waiver denial

(would remove product from GSP eligibility)

- HTSUS 3802.90.10, bone black, from Brazil

Competitive need limitation waivers

(would retain GSP eligibility for these goods)

- HTSUS 0410.00.00, edible products of animal origin, from Indonesia

- HTSUS 2836.91.00, lithium carbonates, from Argentina

- HTSUS 3301.13.00, essential oils of lemon, from Argentina

- HTSUS 6802.99.00, monumental or building stone, from Brazil

- HTSUS 7202.50.00, ferrosilicon chromium, from Kazakhstan


(would reinstate GSP eligibility for these goods)

- HTSUS 2007.99.48, apple, quince, and pear pastes and purees, from Argentina

- HTSUS 2306.30.00, oilcake and other solid residues, from Argentina

- HTSUS 2841.90.20, ammonium perrhenate, from Kazakhstan

- HTSUS 2909.50.40, odoriferous or flavoring compounds of ether-phenols, from Indonesia

- HTSUS 4107.11.80, full grain unsplit whole bovine and equine leather, from Argentina

- HTSUS 4412.31.41, plywood sheets, from Indonesia

- HTSUS 6802.93.00, monumental or building stone, from India

- HTSUS 7202.93.80, ferroniobium, from Brazil

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