The Foreign-Trade Zones Board has authorized a limited expansion of production activity under zone procedures at the Airbus Americas Inc. facility within FTZ 82 in Mobile, Ala. Airbus already had authority to produce commercial passenger jet aircraft at this facility and the FTZ Board has added certain foreign status materials and components to the scope of authority. This authorization is subject to a restriction requiring that the following foreign-status materials and components be admitted to the zone in privileged foreign status.

- pre-preg NOMEX rigid flight accessory cases (HTSUS 4202.12)

- leather cases and pouches for storing equipment (HTSUS 4202.91)

- textile pouches for storing equipment (HTSUS 4202.92)

- leather pockets (HTSUS 4205.00)

- twill tape (HTSUS 5208.39)

- synthetic sowing yarn (HTSUS 5401.10)

- water absorbent felt (HTSUS 5602.10)

- synthetic braided cordage (HTSUS 5607.50)

- synthetic emergency escape rope and retaining cords (HTSUS 5609.00)

- synthetic fireproof gloves (HTSUS 6116.93)

- finished aircraft curtain and class divider assemblies (HTSUS 6303.92)

- life vests (HTSUS 6307.20)

The Board has also determined that further review of part of the proposed activity is warranted.


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