U.S. Customs and Border Protection has announced that the fourth phase of the transition from the Automated Commercial System to the Automated Commercial Environment will take place July 23. As of that date electronic entry and entry summary filings for the following entry types (in addition to those already required in ACE as of that date; click here for more information) must be formatted for submission in ACE and will no longer be accepted in ACS.

- 02: consumption – quota/visa

- 07: consumption – antidumping/countervailing duty and quota/visa

- 12: informal – quota/visa (other than textiles)

- 21: warehouse

- 22: re-warehouse

- 31: warehouse withdrawal – consumption

- 32: warehouse withdrawal – quota

- 34: warehouse withdrawal – AD/CV duty

- 38: warehouse withdrawal – AD/CV duty and quota/visa

- 61: immediate transportation

- 62: transportation and exportation

- 63: immediate exportation

- 69: transit (rail only)

- 70: multi-transit (rail only)

CBP also indicates that there will be a fifth, as-yet-unscheduled phase of the transition when electronic entry and entry summary filings for the following entry types will be required in ACE. Until that time they must continue to be filed only in ACS.

- 08: NAFTA duty deferral

- 09: reconciliation summary

- 41: direct identification manufacturing drawback

- 43: rejected merchandise drawback

- 44: substitution manufacturer drawback

- 45: substitution unused merchandise drawback

- 46: other drawback

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