Effective Jan. 15 the Federal Maritime Commission is increasing for inflation the maximum civil monetary penalty amounts for the following regulatory or statutory violations.

- adverse impact on U.S. carriers by foreign shipping practices: from $2,011,061 to $2,052,107

- violation of 1984 Shipping Act or FMC regulation or order issued thereunder: from $57,391 to $58,562 for knowing and willful violations, from $11,478 to $11,712 for others

- operating in foreign commerce after tariff suspension: from $114,782 to $117,125

- failure to provide required reports: from $9,054, to $9,239

- adverse shipping conditions: from $1,810,706 to $1,847,663

- operating after tariff or service contract suspension: from $90,535 to $92,383

- failure to establish financial responsibility for non-performance of transportation or death or injury: from $22,868 to $23,335

- making false claims or giving false statements in violation of Program Fraud Civil Remedies Act: from $10,957 to $11,181


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