U.S. Customs and Border Protection has announced plans to launch a test of the electronic filing to the Automated Commercial Environment via the partner government agency message set of data elements required by the Food and Drug Administration’s cargo admissibility process for all FDA-regulated commodities. These data elements include FDA product code, FDA country of production, FDA-required information on the manufacturer and shipper, and ultimate consignee. For FDA-regulated food products requiring prior notice, the necessary PGA data elements will have to be submitted prior to the time the goods arrive.

This test will be limited to entries filed at certain ports. CBP states that upon successful completion of this test it anticipates decommissioning the legacy Automated Commercial System/Operational and Administrative System for Import Support system for the new ACE/OASIS interface.

To apply for this test, applicants must (1) be a self-filing importer or customs broker that has the capability to file ACE entry summaries certified for cargo release and (2) file prior notices or entries for FDA-regulated commodities.

Test participants will be required to (1) transmit the appropriate PGA message set data (CBP entry data and the data elements listed above) for the applicable commodities and ports of entry, (2) transmit this data using ACE entry or ACE entry summary at any time prior to the arrival of the goods on the conveyance transporting them to the U.S., (3) transmit PGA message set import filings only as part of an ACE entry or ACE entry summary certified for cargo release, (4) transmit such filings in response to a request for documentation or for release information for certified ACE entry summaries, (5) only transmit information that has been requested by CBP or the FDA, (6) use a software program that has completed ACE certification testing for the PGA message set, and (7) take part in an evaluation of this test.


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