The federal agencies listed below are seeking comments on the proposed extension or revision of information collections concerning the following.

Bureau of Industry and Security

- technology letter of explanation, which describes technology proposed for export to allow evaluation of the impact of licensing the export on U.S. national security and foreign policy (comments due by April 6)

Department of Agriculture

- irradiation phytosanitary treatment for imported fresh fruits and vegetables (comments due by March 5)

- importation of pork-filled pasta (comments due by March 5)

- importation of live poultry, poultry meat, and other poultry products (comments due by March 5)

Food and Drug Administration

- hazard analysis and critical control point procedures for the safe and sanitary processing and importing of juice (comments due by March 6)

- Voluntary Qualified Importer Program (comments due by April 6)

- prior notice of imported food (comments due by April 6)


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