The Bureau of Industry and Security and the State Department have issued final rules that, effective Jan. 15, make further changes to their May 2014 interim final rules concerning export controls on satellites and related articles.

BIS states that the changes made in its final rule are grouped into four types: changes to address the movement of additional spacecraft and related items from the U.S. Munitions List to the Commerce Control List as a result of changes in aperture size for spacecraft that warrant control under the International Traffic in Arms Regulations; changes to address the movement of the James Webb Space Telescope from the USML to the CCL; other corrections and clarifications; and the addition of .y items to Export Control Classification Number 9A515.

The State Department states that its rule further revises category XV (spacecraft and related articles) of the USML to better reflect the intended scope of control with regard to autonomous tracking systems, logistics, propulsion systems, cryocoolers, and vibration suppression systems.

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