The Bureau of Industry and Security has issued a final rule that, effective June 16, makes the following changes to the Export Administration Regulations.

Pathogens and Toxins. The Commerce Control List entry that controls certain human and zoonotic pathogens and toxins (ECCN 1C351) is amended, and the CCL entry that controls certain animal pathogens (ECN 1C352) is removed, to reflect the merger of two Australia Group common control lists (the List of Animal Pathogens for Export Control and the List of Biological Agents for Export Control). The scope of the controls on these human and animal pathogens and toxins was not affected by this merger.

Chemical Manufacturing. The CCL entry that controls chemical manufacturing facilities and equipment (ECCN 2B350) is amended to reflect changes to the AG Control List of Dual-Use Chemical Manufacturing Facilities and Equipment and Related Technology and Software based on the November 2013 AG intersessional recommendation to revise controls on certain valves, casings (valve bodies) designed for such valves, and preformed casing liners designed for such valves. This entry is also amended to add a technical note clarifying how the terms “multi-seal” and “sealless” are used with respect to the controls on pumps.

ECCN 2B350 is also amended to authorize the use of license exception LVS for single shipments of $2,000 or less.

In addition, ECCN 1C350 is amended by adding a technical note providing guidance in determining whether a particular precursor chemical or mixture is controlled under this entry.

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