The International Trade Administration’s Environmental Technologies Trade Advisory Committee will hold a public meeting July 24 in Washington, D.C. Members of the public wishing to participate must register by July 13.

The ETTAC advises the Environmental Trade Working Group of the Trade Promotion Coordinating Committee on the development and administration of programs to expand U.S. exports of environmental technologies, goods, services, and products. During the upcoming meeting representatives of that working group will respond to the recommendations the ETTAC presented May 15, which cover two primary themes: (1) how the U.S. government can help level the playing field, address barriers, and increase opportunities for U.S. environmental exporters through market development efforts, export financing, and trade policy engagements and negotiations; and (2) how to improve the overall quality of services delivered by the U.S. government to environmental exporters through enhancements to digital tools aimed at improving lead generation, lead dissemination, and metrics and tracking.


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