U.S. Customs and Border Protection has announced that as of Oct. 1 the Automated Commercial Environment will be the sole authorized electronic data interchange system for processing electronic drawback and duty deferral entry and entry summary filings and that such filings will no longer be accepted in the Automated Commercial System.

Additionally, CBP is removing the reference to NAFTA from the name of ACE filing code 08 for duty deferral and is announcing a new ACE filing code 47 for drawback that will replace the following decommissioned ACS filing codes.

- 41: direct identification manufacturing drawback

- 42: direct identification unused merchandise drawback

- 43: rejected merchandise drawback

- 44: substitution manufacturer drawback

- 45: substitution unused merchandise drawback

- 46: other drawback

CBP will announce the transition to ACE for electronic entry and entry summary filings for entry type 09 (reconciliation summary) in a separate notice. That transition is currently slated to take effect Oct. 1 as well, though some trade community observers have noted that with most reconciliation entries filed in September and October each year an Oct. 1 cut-over date could be complicated by a surge in filings.

CBP adds that due to low shipment volume, filings for the following entry types will not be automated in either ACS or ACE.

- 04: appraisement

- 05: vessel repair

- 24: trade fair

- 25: permanent exhibition

- 26: warehouse – foreign-trade zone admission

- 33: aircraft and vessel supply (for immediate exportation) - 64: barge movement

- 65: permit to proceed

- 66: baggage

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