Seafood Exports are Focus of New Inquiry

The Department of Commerce is seeking by input Aug. 1 on how best to achieve the objectives of a new seafood trade task force, including improving access to foreign markets for U.S. exports through trade policy and negotiations, resolving technical barriers to U.S. seafood exports. and otherwise supporting fair market access for U.S. seafood products. Comments will inform the task force’s efforts to develop recommendations to the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative in the preparation of a comprehensive interagency seafood trade strategy.

Specific topics on which comments are sought include the following.

- seafood products currently being exported, including fish, shellfish, and processed fish and seafood products

- markets to which U.S. seafood is being exported

- markets to which U.S. companies are planning or would like to export

- issues in current export markets that limit or unnecessarily increase the costs of U.S. exports

- issues in other markets that have prevented U.S. exports

- other issues that affect the competitiveness of U.S. seafood in foreign markets

- barriers that prevent exports of U.S. seafood to certain markets

Seafood Imports Restricted

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has informed U.S. Customs and Border Protection that the vessels listed below have been identified as having engaged in illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing. As a result, all shipments of seafood arriving for entry at a CBP port of entry that was harvested by any of these vessels is prohibited from entry and/or subject to seizure and forfeiture pursuant to the specified species and harvest period.

Vessel name

Flag state


Harvest period



Dissostichus spp.

12/1/19 – 1/23/20

Ocean Star No. 2


Tuna and bycatch

2/9/16 – present

Mario 11


Tuna and bycatch

01/20 – present

Mario 7


Tuna and bycatch

01/20 – present

CBP notes that this is not a definitive list of all vessels engaged in IUU fishing and that importers must therefore exercise due diligence to ensure they are sourcing from legitimate vessels operating in full compliance with all applicable national laws and international conservation measures.

Export Privilege Suspension

The Bureau of Industry and Security has issued an order suspending for ten years the export privileges of an Iranian individual convicted of conspiring to unlawfully export gas turbine parts from the U.S. to Iran without the required U.S. government authorization.

As a result, neither this individual nor anyone acting on her behalf may directly or indirectly participate in any way in any transaction involving any commodity, software, or technology exported or to be exported from the U.S. that is subject to the Export Administration Regulations. In addition, BIS is revoking any licenses it has issued in which this individual had an interest at the time of her conviction.

For more information on export controls and compliance, please contact Kristine Pirnia.

Service in AD/CV Cases

The International Trade Administration has extended indefinitely a temporary final rule allowing non-U.S. government personnel responsible for serving documents containing business proprietary information in antidumping and countervailing duty cases to work remotely. However, the ITA has said it will continue to require the normal means of service for requests for administrative review, new shipper review, changed circumstances review, expedited review, scope ruling, and anti-circumvention inquiry.

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