Export Controls on Crime Control Items Under Review

The Bureau of Industry and Security is seeking comments by Sept. 15 on the list of items on the Commerce Control List that are controlled for crime control and detection reasons. Comments received will inform BIS’ decisions on making updates (including additions and removals) to this list as well as the related licensing requirements. BIS notes that its last comprehensive review of CC items occurred in 2008.

BIS seeks comments on crime control and detection items of particular interest for new license requirements, including facial recognition software and other biometric systems for surveillance, non-lethal visual disruption lasers, and long-range acoustic devices and their components, software, and technologies.

BIS also seeks comments on current and proposed changes to items controlled on the CCL for CC reasons and on items designated as EAR99 on the CCL, including the items noted below and related items.

- police helmets (0A979)

- fingerprint readers (3A981) and components (3A981, 4A980), software (3D980, 4D980),

and technology (3E980, 4A980) thereof

- fingerprint powders, dyes, and inks (1A985)

- voice print identification systems (3A980) and components (3A980), software (3D980), and

technology (3E980) thereof

- polygraphs and psychological stress analysis equipment (3A981) and components (3A981),

software (3D980), and technology (3E980) thereof

- non-military mobile crime science laboratories (9A980)

- miscellaneous CC controls in ECCNs and sub-paragraphs of ECCNs 4A003, 4A980, 4D001,

4D980, 4E001, 4E980, 6A002, 6E001, and 6E002

BIS is particularly interested in (1) information (including performance criteria) that may distinguish purely or predominantly consumer or commercial applications from applications purely or predominantly for use by law enforcement or security services and/or used in mass surveillance, censorship, or privacy violations or otherwise useful in committing human rights abuses, (2) the impact of adding to, modifying, or removing items from the CCL on U.S. support of human rights throughout the world, and (3) the impact that changes of controls would have on the competitiveness of U.S. business and industry.

Finally, BIS is seeking comments on potential revisions to CC controls that are based on end-uses and/or end-users, such as the end-use/end-user controls in Part 744 of the EAR.

Quarterly Update on Foreign Cheese Subsidies

The International Trade Administration has issued its quarterly update to the list of foreign government subsidies on articles of cheese subject to an in-quota rate of duty. This list, which covers articles of cheese imported during the period Oct. 1 through Dec. 31, 2019, lists the subsidy program(s) and the gross and net amounts of each subsidy for which information is currently available. This list includes subsidy programs implemented by the European Union, Canada, Norway, and Switzerland but indicates that during the period at issue the only program actually in effect was export assistance on certain types of cheese by Canada.

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