Following are highlights of regulatory effective dates and deadlines, federal agency meetings, and other trade-related events coming up in the next week.

Jan. 20 – effective date of revocation of classification rulings on silicon wafers, pill cases, and steel tubing

Jan. 21 – ST&R webinar: USMCA: General Overview

Jan. 21 – deadline for comments to CBP on lien notice and declaration of owner

Jan. 22 – ST&R webinar: Export Jurisdiction and Classification Determination Basics

Jan. 23 – ST&R webinar: New Potential AD/CV Duties on Wood Moldings and Millwork Products: What You Need to Know

Jan. 24 – deadline for comments to USDA on import restrictions on plants for planting

Jan. 24 – deadline for comments to CBP on classification of metal trees, toppings, nesting boxes


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