U.S. Customs and Border Protection has issued a final rule adjusting the following customs user fees and limitations for inflation for fiscal year 2020. These adjusted fees will be required as of Oct. 1, 2019.

- commercial vessel arrival: 468.32 per arrival/$6,381.77 annual cap (up from $458.35/$6,245.97)

- barge and other bulk carrier arrival: $117.88 per arrival/$1,607.50 annual cap (up from $115.37/$1,573.29)

- commercial truck arrival: $5.85 per arrival/$107.17 annual cap (up from $5.75/$104.89)

- rail car arrival: $8.84 per arrival/$107.17 annual cap (up from $8.65/$104.89)

- private vessel or aircraft first arrival/calendar year prepayment: $29.47 (up from $28.84)

- dutiable mail: $5.89 (up from $5.77)

- commercial vessel or aircraft passenger arrival: $5.89 (up from $5.77)

- customs broker permit: $147.89 (up from $144.74)

- express consignment carrier/centralized hub facility, per individual waybill/bill of lading: $0.38 minimum/$1.07 maximum (up from $0.37/$1.05)

- merchandise processing: minimum $26.79/maximum $519.76 (up from $26.22/$508.70)

- surcharge for manual entry or release: $3.21 (up from $3.15)

- informal entry or release not prepared by CBP personnel: $2.14 automated/$6.43 manual (up from $2.10/$6.29)

- informal entry or release prepared by CBP personnel: $9.64 (up from $9.44)


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