Comments on the proposed revision and/or extension of the following information collections are due by the dates indicated.

Department of Agriculture

- form SC-205, export form certificate for apples, grapes, and plums (comments due by April 22)

- import and transport permits for non-select materials (comments due by April 22)

- phytosanitary certificates and other information collections for imports of baby corn and baby carrots from Zambia; citrus from Peru; Phalaenopsis spp. plants for planting in approved growing media from China; and swine hides, bird trophies, and deer hides (comments due by April 22)

Department of the Treasury

- form TTB F 5130.12, removal of beer without payment of tax for export (comments due by March 22)

Food and Drug Administration

- accreditation of third-party certification bodies to conduct food safety audits and issue certifications (comments due by April 22)

U.S. Customs and Border Protection

- CBP form 19, protest of appraised value, classification, duty, exclusion from entry or delivery, liquidation or reliquidation, or drawback refusal (comments due by April 26)

- African Growth and Opportunity Act textile certificate of origin (comments due by April 22)

- deferral of duty on large yachts imported for sale (comments due by April 22)

- exportation of used self-propelled vehicles (comments due by April 26)


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