The Consumer Product Safety Commission is accepting comments through Aug. 29 on the proposed extension of CPSC Form 223, the third-party conformity assessment body registration form.

The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act requires third-party testing to be conducted by a third-party conformity assessment body for any children’s product that is subject to a children’s product safety rule before it is imported for consumption or warehousing or distributed in commerce. The CPSIA allows accreditation of third-party conformity assessment bodies to be conducted by either the CPSC or an independent accreditation organization designated by the CPSC and requires an up-to-date list of accredited entities to be maintained on the CPSC’s website.

To assess a third-party conformity assessment body’s qualifications for acceptance, information related to location, accreditation and ownership is collected using the online CPSC Form 223. This form must be used upon initial application, whenever any of the information on the form changes, and at least every two years as part of a regular audit process.


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