The following final revocations and modifications of U.S. Customs and Border Protection classification rulings are included in the Nov. 30, 2016, Customs Bulletin and Decisions and will be effective for goods entered or withdrawn from warehouse for consumption on or after Jan. 30.

Aircraft Engines. CBP is reclassifying certain aircraft engines as aircraft turbines under HTSUS 8411.81.40 (duty-free) rather than as other gas turbines under HTSUS 8411.81.8000. Ruling HQ H266007 will modify ruling NY N264006 to reflect this change.

Plastic Sheets. CBP is reclassifying certain plastic sheets used for shower and privacy curtains and treated with an anti-bacterial agent as plastic sheets combined with textile materials that are over 70 percent by weight of plastics under HTSUS 3921.12.1100 or HTSUS 3921.90.1100 (4.2 percent duty) rather than as other plastic sheets combined with textile materials under HTSUS 3921.12.1950 or HTSUS 3921.90.1950 (5.3 percent duty). Ruling HQ H264986 will revoke ruling NY N262339 to reflect these changes.

Flavored Teas. CBP is reclassifying flavored teas as tea under HTSUS 0902.10.10 (6.4 percent duty) rather than as preparations with a basis of tea under HTSUS 2101.20.90 (8.5 percent duty). Ruling HQ H260569 will modify rulings NY N004103 and NY N041686 and revoke ruling NY G87506 to reflect this change.

Mattresses. CBP is reclassifying hospital bed and chair mattresses as articles of bedding under HTSUS 9404.21.0095 (3 percent duty) rather than as medical furniture under HTSUS 9402.90.00 (duty-free). Ruling HQ H276631 will revoke rulings NY H87018 and E84866 to reflect this change.

Hole Saw Kits. CBP is reclassifying two kits used to cut holes in wood or metal doors to facilitate the installation of door locksets as parts of saws under HTSUS 8202.99.00 (duty free) rather than as tools for power-operated hand tools under HTSUS 8207.50.2080 (5 percent duty) or 8207.50.6000 (5.2 percent duty). Ruling HQ H251432 will revoke ruling NY J82340 to reflect this change.

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